The perfect choice

Residencia ONIX is your perfect choice if you come to study in Barcelona.

We have been devoted to the academic world for more than 14 years. Come and rest assured that you will
feel at home. You can choose between spending a few days or the entire time of your studies, while enjoying our facilities and our spacious apartments.


Room types

We have rooms for all needs

All our rooms consist of:

• Single bed of 190cm x 100cm
• Desk and chair
• Large window
• Bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
• Closet
• Shared kitchen fully equipped, ceramic hob, microwave and refrigerator
• Air conditioning and heating
• WiFi connection

Individual studio

The individual apartment offers you the chance to enjoy maximum privacy.
It is a multipurpose space consisting of kitchen and own bathroom plus your bed
and desk to study, relax and enjoy your spare time.

**This image represents a standard type, some shape rooms colud be differenet

Double studio

Ideal to enjoy the company of another person with whom to share the daily life in an exclusive
atmosphere of spaciousness and comfort. The double apartment offers a multidisciplinary
space with a bathroom, kitchen, rest and study.

**This image represents a standard type, some shape rooms colud be differenet

Single studio with shared kitchen

If you are looking for privacy combined with the ability to spend
time with another person, the single apartment with shared kitchen is the choice.
You enjoy your rest and study area alone, and will share the kitchen with a partner.

**This image represents a standard type, some shape rooms colud be differenet

COURSE RATE 2018-2019

  • Individual studio: 808,50 €
  • Double studio: 674,30 €
  • Single studio with shared kitchen: 745,80 €
  • Individual studio: 908,60 €
  • Double studio: 770,00 €
  • Single studio with shared kitchen: 849,20 €
  • Individual studio: 380,60 €
  • Double studio: 287,10 €
  • Single studio with shared kitchen: 324,50 €


Price per person

10 % VAT included

The course rate is monthly and includes the reservation fee from september 1st of 2018 to june 30st ( 12am ) of 2019
provided they are reservations longer than 3 months. In case of extended stay, you will need to rebook , applying the appropriate fee.

How to book

Where to start

Booking your stay at Residencia ONIX is easy. Please follow the following steps to ensure your accommodation; if you need help during the process, do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre-registration form

Formulari de Preinscripció 2018/2019 - Formulario de Preinscripción 2018/2019 - Pre-registration form 2018/2019

Dades personals / Datos personales / Personal Info

Aquest mail és el que s'utilitzarà per enviar-te tota la informació contractual / Este mail es el que se utilizará para enviarte toda la información contractual / We will use this email to send your all contractual information

Génere / Género / Genre *

Període de reserva / Periodo de reserva / Booking period

Per a reserves a partir de quatre mesos s'aplicarà la tarifa Curs. Aquesta tarifa NO es fraccionable, es cobrarà el mes complert independentment de la data d'entrada i/o sortida.
Para reservas a partir de cuatro meses se aplicará la tarifa Curso. Dicha tarifa NO es fraccionable, se cobrará el mes completo independientemente de la fecha de entrada y/o salida.
For reservations from four months rate Course will be applied. This rate can NOT be split , we will charge the complete month independently of the check in/out date.

Mes d'arribada / Mes de llegada / Arrival month *

Mes de sortida / Mes de salida / Departure month *

Preferències / Preferencias / Preferences

Selecciona mitjançant el menú desplegable la tipologia d'habitació que desitges. Si no estàs interessat/da en algun dels tipus d'habitació màrcala com a descartada (opció nº 4).
Selecciona mediante el menú desplegable el tipo de habitación que deseas. Si no estás interesado/a en algún tipo concreto de habitación marcala como descartada ( opción nº 4).
Select through the dropdown menu the room type you prefer. If you're not interested in one of the room types please select option "Descartada" (option nº 4).

Individual / Single room *

Individual amb cuina compartida / Individual con cocina compartida / Single with shared kitchen *

Doble / Double *

Company/a d'habitació o cuina / Compañer@ de habitación o cocina / Room or kitchen mate

En cas d'haver seleccionat una habitació doble o amb cuina compartida, t'agradaria compartir amb algú en concret? En cas afirmatiu, diguen's el seu nom.
En caso de haber seleccionado una habitación doble o con cocina compartida, ¿te gustaría compartirla con alguien en concreto? En caso afirmativo dinos su nombre.
In case you have selected a double or a single room with shared kitchen, would you like tho share with someone particularly? In positive case give us the name.

Com ens has conegut? / ¿Cómo nos has conocido? / How did you get to know Residencia Onix? *

Administrative regulations

Before finalizing the booking process and registration fee payment, you must read and sign the conditions and cancellation policies shown in the following document.


Once read and understood all the terms, you must sign the document and forward it to to proceed with the registration.

Registration fee payment

Once at this point, to complete the reservation, you only have to pay the registration fee.

AMOUNT: 363,00€

In case of doubts, or call us to +34 93 266 61 00.

Payment methods

Step by Step

Thank you for choosing Residencia Onix and putting your trust in us.

Once the registration fee has been paid (€ 363.00 VAT included), once the registration form has been completed and the administrative regulations signed, the registration process is considered to have been formalized. You will receive the confirmation from .

Remember that once the reservation is confirmed, one week before your arrival you will have to pay the deposit as a guarantee and at the time of your entry the first monthly payment.
Amount: € 900 (bank transfer)

This amount covers any damage that may happen to your room during your stay at Residencia Onix . Upon completion of your contract and in case of no damages or outstanding amounts, the deposit will be returned after july 15th.


Meet the others

Enjoy your spare time with other residents

Residencia ONIX is ​​designed with a variety of common areas; study rooms,
music room, computer lab, gym and entertainment areas with TV, video games, pingpong and foosball.


For movie fans and fans of the series, we have an area where you can enjoy your TV series and movies.

This space is ideal for sharing with friends, offering the possibility of organizing meetings and events with your friends.


In this space you can enjoy the latest technology. Playing with the PS4 console or watching movies and football games with friends.


Multidisciplinary space with artificial lawn where you can play beachball and enjoy exciting games with the Wii.


If you’re looking to spend a fun time, this is your place! Good matches with yours pingpong and foosball.


For athletes among us, this space allows you to relax after a long hard day. It has treadmills, spinning bikes and a multifunctional fitness machine. Always at your disposal!


Take advantage of the good weather in Barcelona to lie in the sun on the sun terrace and to enjoy a swim in the pool.


We do not forget you are a student, and therefore we have up to 3 study rooms where you can study in a quiet and calm ambient or get together with your colleagues to discuss papers and presentations that you are working on together.


This space has been created for musicians. This soundproof room allows you to sing and play with your instruments without fear of upsetting the rest of the residents.


Multimedia environment with access to computers and Wi-Fi to surf the Internet without restrictions.


Wide range of facilities

To make your stay at Residencia ONIX perfect

The Residence offers unbeatable services in the center of Barcelona.
Starting with a Wi.Fi connection and high-speed LAN, common areas designed for your comfort,
to a comprehensive maintenance service and weekly cleaning of the rooms.
We thought of everything to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Internet WI-FI

Unlimited, so you’re always connected at anytime.

Water and Electricity

Living in ONIX means no additional costs; utilities are included.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Each room has individual thermostat.

Reception 24/7

At your disposal, 24h day, we serve and solve any issues you may have.


Your room will be cleaned on a weekly base and the common areas are cleaned every day.


If something is wrong please let us know, the maintenance team will take care of it immediately.


ONIX organize many activities in which to participate and feel like part of this community.


Spaces for cars, motorbikes and bicycles, closed in the same building


Forget carrying dirty clothes with you when you visit your family


Drinks, snacks, coffees … 24 hours open

Printing and photocopies

At the reception you can photocopy any document and print your work for the university.

Wheelchair accessible

ONIX is a 100% accesible residence


The Fort Pienc area

Perfect combination of history and fashion

Known for being one of the best located districts of Barcelona, ​
Fort Pienc is a 10- minute walk from the city center, a short walk from the beach and no more than a 5 minutes walk from the Born.
One of the most fashionable areas of Barcelona where you can enjoy its great cultural and gastronomic offer.


Mosquito specialty are the Chinese dumplings in countless ways, but their variety of tapas are like a bag of surprises with ingredients from all over the continent. Mosquito also has excellent beers, some of which are prepared by the restaurant, the wheat beer is especially good.


Here they have about ten different brands of beer on draft. Awesome. Those who want to escape the overcrowded breweries are in luck because this is Barcelona´s indie brewery par excellence. You can join the tasting with some of the exquisite dishes that leave the kitchen.


Very hot blood and very cold mojitos. The constant references to the 70s and 80s in its decoration make it the only African -Caribbean – hipster- friendly bar in Barcelona. The Bonbón is a retro sanctuary of Latin music. The bar is dominated by a mural from which we receive a smile from Celia Cruz, Willie Colon and Ruben Blades, among other torturers of the hips.


If what you’re looking for is a restaurant offering authentic Mexican cuisine, Oaxaca is your place! It is a restaurant located in the district of Barceloneta, which specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine evolved with the introduction of new breakthrough technologies. It also has delicious desserts and a tequilas chart.


Located in one of the trendiest areas of Barcelona, the 22@ district. Offering a wide variety of sandwitchs in a very urban atmosphere. Cheesecake, brownie and carrot cake are also a must. Unable to resist , although they are calorie bombs!


This club with five different spaces is one of the best of Barcelona. You will find rock and indie in the Razz Club, techno and house at The Loft, techno -pop in the Lolita room, electro and pop in the Pop Bar and electro -rock in the Rex Room. Apart from DJ sessions, live performances of bands and soloists should be included.


A two fingers thick layer of condensed stories covers the foosball of the Ovella Negra. In a large open space at long tables you can enjoy the company of your friends and share drinks and stories.

Fort Pienc highlights

Things to see and do near the residence


(Metro Arc de Triomf , red L1 ) Located on the edge of the Fort Pienc neighborhood, between Passeig Sant Joan and Passeig Lluis Companys. This is a unique neo Moorish arch, built in brick and does not commemorate any military victory ; on the contrary this arch celebrates the arts and sciences being the gateway to the World Expo 1888 .


(Metro Arc de Triomf , red L1 ) One of the main bus stations of the city of Barcelona, ​​with regional, national and international routes; across the street from the residence.


Like the rest of the neighborhoods of the city, Fort Pienc has its own market, where you can buy very fresh and high quality food products; in the same block as the residence.


(Metro Marina, red L1 ) One of the most important venues in Barcelona; It is the headquarters of the Catalonia College of Music and Music Museum.


( Marina Metro red L1 or L2 Monumental purple ) the major works of contemporary theater of Catalan culture are represented; spectacular building of monumental architecture.


A selection of the best universities

Some useful general information

Do you want your mornings to be relaxing and enjoyable?
Because of its good location and excellent public transport links, you’ll never be far from your university.
We present the universities and schools with whom we collaborate.


Pompeu Fabra University is a young, modern public university, created in 1990 and with the will to become a leading university in Europe. Distinguished by the Ministry of Education as Campus of International Excellence (CEI), indicators in teaching, research and internationalization of UPF support its position as a center of reference in the Spanish and European system.


The UB is the leading public university in Catalonia, with the biggest number of students and the most comprehensive and complete training offer. In addition, it is the main university research center of the state and one of the most important in Europe, both the number of research programs and the excellence achieved in this field.


The Abat Oliba CEU University of Barcelona is one of the three universities promoted by the San Pablo CEU Foundation under the inspiration of the Catholic Association of propagandists. For this reason the aspiration of the university and commitment of those who are part of it is the formation of a university community in the full sense of the word: a community must be able to provide the professional society with criteria of academic excellence involved in the realization of the common good and the search for truth.


The Polytechnic University of Catalonia BarcelonaTech (UPC) is a public institution of higher education and research, specializing in the fields of engineering, architecture and sciences. The university disposes of Scientific and Technological infrastructures that puts them at the service of research groups and centers, researchers and students, Professional, companies and institutions.


The Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (UAB) is a public university with an international perspective, fully integrated within its area. Offering quality education in close association with research activity, the transfer of scientific, technological, cultural and educational knowledge promotions the potential of its human capital and a responsible management of the available resources.


The Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (ESMUC) is the only public official center that has been awarded the graduate title for music in Cataluña within the arts education and its position within the European Higher Education.


European College Business School is part of the European University Group in Barcelona, Spain. The EU Group is a network of accredited, multicultural and prestigious business schools founded in 1973. The group has offices in Spain, Switzerland and Germany.


The Graduate School of Economics Barcelona is a large community of researchers, teachers, students and alumni where everyone shares the central spirit of the school: to create value for society with rigorous work and social responsibility through pioneering research and education.


Bau is a center that teaches university courses in the field of design. Located in the 22@ district of Barcelona, Bau is located in an industrial area of more than 6,000 m2 enable specific spaces for teaching and multipurpose spaces designed to encourage the creation and research. The schooling offer at Bau is a specified university degree in the fields of graphic design, audiovisual design, interior design and fashion design, as well as Masters and Graduate Studies.


Istituto Europeo di Design is an educational institution in all disciplines of design, visual communication, fashion and management. With an evolving training system IED is a true laboratory able to think and reinvent themselves every day. Their mission is clear and precise: to offer young creatives a complete theoretical and practical training, in short, a “Culture Project” to accompany them throughout life.


With 14 centers and 3 university institutes, Ramon Llull University is one of the most innovative and pioneering Spanish universities whose success lies in quality training that responds to the current needs of society. The small workgroups, the close relationship between students and teachers, and mastery of new technologies, form the methodology of this university, which understands internationalization as a key aspect of the training of future professionals.

Eòlia ESAD

Eòlia Conservatory of Dramatic Arts is an acting school, located at the center of Barcelona, where you can study the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama program (official Grau degree 240 ECTS). 2 concentrations: Acting and Theatre Directing and Dramaturgy. Apart from the official program, we offer acting training for adults (+18 years) and acting for children from 4 to 18 years. The disciplines we teach are: acting, singing, musical theater, acting in front of camera, actor directing and dramatic writing.


Backed up by experience

Improving day by day

Onix is urban, elegant and built for the needs of today’s students.
We know that residents are unique and individual people, with distinct demands and aspirations,
intelligent, creative and independent. That is why we should personalize your stay.
We know the different needs of every resident and that´s why we offer a variety in the type of rooms and rates.
If a student wants to live alone or with others; there are options to suit your requirements.


What our residents say about us

Onix is a hotel with a Young neighborhood charm. It feels like a funny and very long trip.

Marina Tomazella
Marina TomazellaItaly

Meeting people from all over the world just by walking down the halls of Residencia Onix is a unique opportunity. The safety, location, and helpful staff have made living in Barcelona a seemless transition. For mat, I can’t thank you enough.

Sarina Dodhia
Sarina Dodhia USA

The memories I have made within the walls of Residencia Onix will stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you to every single staff member who never hesitated to answer any and all my questions. Thank you for making Barcelona my home away from home.

Ashley Yaghoobian
Ashley YaghoobianUSA

Residencia Onix es un sitio donde conocer nuevos amigos de diferentes países y conocer nuevas culturas. Su perfecta ubicación te permite disfrutar totalmente de la ciudad Erasmus por excelencia que es Barcelona.

“Aquí vivirás la verdadera experiencia del intercambio cultural.”

Jorge De Castro
Jorge De CastroPortugal

Me parece un sitio genial tanto para estudiar como para conocer gente nueva y además está bien ubicado.

María Rodríguez Carrillo
María Rodríguez CarrilloSpain

¡La residencia es muy recomendable! Yo repetí; es mi segundo año. En mi caso, muy bien ubicada, a pocos minutos de la ESMUC y con comodidades al alcance para hacer la compra. Dentro de la residencia las habitaciones son luminosas y las instalaciones comunes muy limpias y en buen estado. El personal es muy simpático y agradable.

Claudia Sansón
Claudia Sansón Spain

Mi experiencia en Residencia Onix ha sido muy positiva. La Residencia tiene unas buenas infraestructuras y una excelente ubicación, cerca de la playa y del centro de Barcelona, además del fácil acceso a diferentes medios de transporte colectivo. El personal de la residencia es muy atento y agradable, lo que hace que te sientas muy a gusto viviendo aquí.

Sabrina Moreira
Sabrina MoreiraBrasil

Desde que llegué a Residencia Onix, mi estancia está siendo muy positiva. Dejando de lado las increíbles las instalaciones de las que disponen, hay un gran grupo humano que te hace sentir como en casa. Es como una pequeña gran familia.

Txaber Álvarez
Txaber Álvarez Spain

Residencia Onix es el lugar idóneo para combinar la vida de estudiante y a la vez, poder formar una gran familia de amigos llena de experiencias inolvidables. Sin duda, me encanta la rutina que  Residencia Onix nos ofrece.

Laura Vidal
Laura Vidal Spain

M’agrada molt per la possibilitat de gaudir de certa independència i al mateix temps compartir experiències amb els altres residents.

Andrea Riquelme Esteve
Andrea Riquelme EsteveSpain

Mi experiencia en Residencia Onix fue muy divertida. Es muy fácil conocer nuevos amigos y las habitaciones están muy bien. Todo el personal es amable y más que dispuestos a ayudarte. Es un lugar ideal para ir caminando a la playa, salir y experimentar la vida nocturna, y además, está muy cerca de la estación de autobuses y el metro. En general, yo recomendaría Onix a cualquiera que busque pasar un buen rato en Barcelona!

Andrew Binder
Andrew BinderUSA

Onix is one of the greatest housing experiences I have ever had. At first I preferred to stay in an apartment, but am happy I ended up in Onix because of the location, the great staff that are always there for you 24/7, and the amenities. The location is prime time, restaurants all around, a nice gym two minutes away, a metro right around the corner. The staff is very friend, if you ever need them to help you with some Spanish, order food, give directions, etc they are there for you.  The amenities in Onix are fun with a movie room, sick pool on 6th floor, ping pong and a cool pregame room in the basement which we call -3

Nader Amireh
Nader AmirehUSA

Living at Onix has been an awesome experience. The facilities are great and the location is extremely convenient being located close to two metro stations. The staff is very personable and they are always willing to go out of their way to ensure that your living experience reaches its full potential, creating a very laidback and friendly atmosphere. For me, the best part of Onix is that it has provided me the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from around the world. I have met a lot of people at Onix who I know will be my friends for many years to come.

Robert Fluckiger
Robert Fluckiger USA

La residència Onix em sembla excepcional. T’aporta noves experiències i persones per conèixer. A més, et dóna la tranquilitat necessaria en l’estudi i molta independència en la vida diària. Les seves instal·lacions són modernes i còmodes. També gaudeix d’una situació molt bona: propera al centre, als locals de festa, a les zones de costa i de passeig. Té piscina! I està perfectament connectada amb el metro per anar a la Universitat.

Pere Nadal
Pere NadalSpain

The residence is very conveniently located – everything is within walking distance and there are 2 metro stops close by.  The people who work there are nice and can answer any questions you might have.  The rooms are clean, good for short or long term stay.

Kristin Chai
Kristin ChaiUSA

Residencia Onix es genial! El personal es estupendo y muy simpáticos. Tienes el metro, la estación de autobuses, la playa y el centro al lado. Las habitaciones están muy bien y totalmente equipadas. Desde luego mi estancia aquí no podía ser mejor y lo recomiendo a todos los estudiantes que vengan a Barcelona.

Marina Tudanca
Marina Tudanca Spain
Soy un estudiante extranjero y es mi primera vez viviendo en la Residencia Onix. Aquí encontrarás lo necesario para estudiar o pasear cómodamente en Barcelona. Acá usualmente utilizaba el gimnasio, y algunas veces subía a la terraza para leer tranquilamente – por mientras que la serena brisa acariciaba mi piel – y observar el esplendido panorama de la ciudad. El personal – recepción, administración, equipo de limpieza y mantenimiento – destaca profesionalidad, amabilidad, y se aseguran que tú estancia en la residencia sea la mejor posible. Recomiendo Onix a cualquier persona que piensa quedarse temporalmente. ¡Muchas gracias!
Jeyzon Fernánde
Jeyzon FernándeUniversidad de Barcelona




Frequently asked questions

Let us help you answer any questions

A new experience, a totally new situation. Most often, a lot of questions come to mind. Thanks to our experience, we know many of these issues, therefore we´ll try to give you the answers below. If by chance you have any questions yet been unanswered after reading the frequently asked questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer.

Who can stay at Residencia ONIX?

Anyone over age can stay at Residencia Onix, from any country and university that meets the following requirements:

  • Student 18 years at the time of check-in.
  • Students younger than 18 years need to provide an authorization of their legal guardian.
  • Student following exchange programs abroad.
  • Students who are studying a full degree at university.
  • Students who are conducting business practices as a trainee.

What is the duration of the contract?

The contract period is defined by the resident at the time of booking.
There is no minimum time allotted to reside with us, although long term residents (entire course) have priority in the order of allocation of places.

Is there cookware, linens and towels in my room?

All these articles can be found in your room.
The kitchen has pots, pans, dishes, glasses, cutlery, forks, etc. Everything you need so you can cook without having to worry for buying utensils.
The rooms also come with a set of towels and sheets, which will be replaced once a week by the cleaning team, coinciding with the day they pass to clean the room.

What do I have to bring the day of my arrival?

The essential documents to check-in are:

  • 2 passport photos
  • Accommodation Contract
  • Internal regulations
  • University Enrolment
  • Health card or medical insurance
  • The first monthly payment
    The proof of advance payment of the deposit
  • Bank Authorization (only in case you want to debit payments)

What do I have to pay before arrival?

€ 363.00 VAT included in the registration fee
The deposit of € 900. You must enter with a minimum of one week in advance of the arrival date.
The amount of the first month of accommodation. You can pay directly at reception upon arrival by credit card or bank transfer with a minimum of one week in advance of the arrival date.

Do the rooms have internet access?

All rooms have access to broadband internet through our WIFI high speed connection.

What are the guest policies?

Visits to the residence by friends or relatives of residents are free from 9 am to 10 pm, provided they notify the front desk. If the guests want to spend the night at the residence, we offer the possibility of adding a folding bed in the living room for 25€ pp. / night.

Will my room be cleaned?

Within the monthly fee paid by our residents, weekly cleaning is included as well as a change of sheets and towels.

What services are not included?

Almost all services are included. From the light, water and internet to the weekly cleaning and access to all public areas (including pool and gym).
The only services that are not included are the laundry which has washing machines and dryers for personal laundry, prints and photocopies that are made at reception, parking for car and motorbike and calls from the room´s phone.
Regularly organized classes in the gym are not included in the price.

Do the rooms have TV?

The rooms don´t have TV, but have TV antenna signal so you can bring your own TV.

Do the rooms have telephone?

All rooms have a phone at your disposal. To make use of it, simply go to reception for a recharge.

Is there laundry service? What does it cost?

We have a laundry in the basement (-2) with washing machines and dryers which you can use 24/7 with special tokens that we sell at the reception.

The cost of a token for the washing machine is 3,5 €. A token for the dryer is 2,5 €.

Can I change room once I’m already living in the residence?

You can change room as long as we have availability at the time and reason for the change is a valid one.

What if I lose my key or forget it in my room?

The key provided at reception is personal and non-transferable, and can not be lent under any circumstances. The loss of the same implies the payment at reception to obtain a new.

Is access to the gym free?

Access to the gym is free and open 24 hours so you can get in shape whenever you want. Access to some of the classes organized in the gym have an additional cost.

Are there events or activities for residents?

Throughout each quarter different activities and competitions are organized.

Contests with prizes through social media, professional makeup workshops, pingpong and foosball championships, video game tournaments, and in addition the classes organized in our gym which can be ( Pilates , Zumba , Yoga, … ) .

What do I do if there is something in my room that´s broken or not working?

The best thing to do in these cases is to inform reception of the fault. They´ll notify the maintenance department which will come to fix the problem as soon as possible.


Contact us

Suggestions, doubts, comments … let us know , we care

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